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District 201V5, Victoria, Australia

All American GM Car Show Sunday 30th October 2016

The All American GM Car Show has been a traditional event conducted each year since 1975 by various Lions Clubs in the Eastern Suburbs. Historically, the day has been a great fund raiser for the relevant organising Club.

The day is aimed at both car enthusiasts and the general public and capitalises on the bringing together of classic American GM stable cars such as Chevrolet, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Buick and Pontiac. Whilst not year specific (i.e. not just open to classic or vintage cars), most of the entrants are older model GMs (pre 1985).

 American Motorcycles

Due to the number of years the event has been running, it has become entrenched in the Melbourne car enthusiasts and GM vehicle owners' calendars. The event's make up has varied over the years as different Lions Clubs have placed their imprint on it and attempted new and innovative ways to improve on the event.

In late 2006, Nunawading Lions was approached with an offer for us to take over the planning and running of the GM Car Day from 2007. The proposition was put to our Club in early 2007, and it was resoundingly decided that we would take the event on. 

The early planning phase is not onerous but extremely important. If this aspect is done properly, less pressure is created as the event nears. Tasks are recognised early in the year and these tasks are allocated to various Committee members. Due to this early allocation of tasks, when time pressure becomes apparent, the Club is able to deal with it.

Chevrolet ImpalaCorvettes

Early inclusion of the Car Clubs, and regular visits to their meetings in the months leading up to the event give an element of ownership back to the Car Clubs which results in their support.

Coupled with this is the early identification of advertising streams, via our collective expertise, which not only allows us to target specific relevant publications but also create a targeted television advertising campaign.

Planning for the actual day is also important with early confirmation from stall holders and vendors which allows time to organise them. Catering requirements are also a central part of the event, with the focus being on accurate anticipation of crowd numbers to avoid over 

Over the past 7 years, the Club has raised over $50,000; and all proceeds are disbursed to various Lions Community Projects.